'Workers face blistering temperatures again, with little federal protection'

Dr. David Michaels, GWSPH

June 10, 2022


CHI member and Professor of Environmental and Occupational Health, and of Epidemiology, Dr. David Michaels, was featured on a Marketplace podcast on federal worker heat safety regulation.

With a heat wave approaching the Southwest this coming weekend, and expected temperatures to break 100 degrees in Las Vegas, Austin, and Albuquerque, not everyone under the purview of issued heat advisories is able to adhere to guidance--especially those who work in crop harvesting, on construction sites, or in kitchens with no air conditioning. And regulations to protect workers from extreme heat are scarce. “The OSHA standard rule-making process is a very slow one...It takes far too long. So OSHA won’t get a standard out for several years at best," says Michaels. 

Listen to the full podcast here