'Quantifying the Health Benefits of Urban Climate Mitigation Actions'

Dr. Susan Anenberg, Lauren Johnson, and Nick Pendleton, GWSPH; Maha Malik, GSEHD

January 21, 2022


FIGURE 1. Framework linking mitigation actions and health benefits in cities. The boxes outlined in red are the subject of the current paper. Credit: Castillo et al. (2021)

CHI Director and Associate Professor of Environmental and Occupational Health, Dr. Susan Anenberg, and CHI student members Lauren Johnson, Nick Pendleton, and Maha Malik, co-authored a paper published in Frontiers in Sustainable Cities, entitled 'Quantifying the Health Benefits of Urban Climate Mitigation Actions: Current State of the Epidemiological Evidence and Application in Health Impact Assessments.' This paper aimed to assess the current state of knowledge and literature on the pathways connecting carbon mitigation actions with human health benefits, and evaluate the ability to quantify these benefits for cities globally.

Full paper linked here