'Humans are driving climate change but they can also fight against it'

Dr. Dan Goldberg, GWSPH

February 25, 2022

Potomac and Anacostia rivers are tidal rivers

Credit: Climate Central

CHI member and Assistant Research Professor in the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health, Dr. Dan Goldberg, contributed to a WUSA9 piece how on human's are driving climate change and how we can contribute to solutions. 

Eliminating fossil fuels, whose combustion is also harmful to human health, and transitioning to more energy efficient systems, will move us in the right direction! "Solar and wind energy are priced competitively with fossil fuels. That wasn't the case 10-15 years ago," Goldberg said. "I'm really optimistic that we can get somewhere in the next decade or two if we really make [a] concerted effort to transition to some of these cleaner fuels."

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