'Flipping the climate debate from costs to benefits'

Dr. Susan Anenberg, GWSPH

November 11, 2021

President Biden

Credit: Alan Harvey/ UK Government (from Flickr)

CHI Director and Associate Professor of Environmental and Occupational Health, Dr. Susan Anenberg, wrote an op-ed for Environmental Health News entitled, 'Flipping the climate debate from costs to benefits.' Climate co-benefits, or the additional positive outcomes associated with emission reduction efforts, present an emerging way to shift the narrative and pair mitigation actions with local and immediate ancillary benefits associated with improved public health, environmental, and other socioeconomic factors. "I'm encouraged that governments are increasingly embracing this more holistic view of the societal benefits of greenhouse gas reductions. As of October 2021, 14 countries are expected to include short-lived climate pollutants, air pollutants that harm both health and the climate, in their Nationally Determined Contributions under the Paris Agreement," says Anenberg.

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