'Clean air policies are key for successfully mitigating Arctic warming'

Dr. Susan Anenberg, GWSPH

December 8, 2022

arctic climate

Fig. 3: Impacts of changes in air pollution on future Arctic climate. Credit: von Salzen et al. 2022

CHI Director and Associate Professor of Environmental and Occupational Health, Dr. Susan Anenberg, co-authored a  paper published in Communications Earth & Environment, entitled "Clean air policies are key for successfully mitigating Arctic warming." Anenberg and other co-authors address the need for a tighter integration of modeling frameworks to assess impacts of clean air policies on climate and air quality in Arctic scenarios, utilizing a new model emulator and comprehensive emissions scenarios. The authors use these new integration tools to assess both the climate and human health co-benefits of emissions reductions efforts, and state that 'targeted and technically feasible' opportunities exist to achieve both.

Read the full paper here