CHI members provide expert opinion and guidance on wildfire smoke

Dr. Susan Anenberg, GWSPH; Dr. Kate O'Dell, GWSPH; Dr. Neelu Tummala, GW SMHS

June 16, 2023

wildfire smoke

Several CHI members, including CHI Director and Professor and Chair of Environmental and Occupational Health, Dr. Susan Anenberg, CHI member and Postdoctoral Research Scientist in the Milken Institute School of Public Health, Dr. Kate O'Dell, and CHI Co-Director and Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery, Dr. Neelu Tummala, provided expert opinion and guidance during the consecutive days of poor air quality on June 7th and 8th resulting from wildfire smoke: 

In addition to individual media contributions, GW Today published an article featuring Dr. AnenbergDr. O'Dell, and Dr. Tummala, entitled Why Wildfire Smoke Pollution Is So Intense Right Now—and Likely to Get Worse. Anenberg, O'Dell, and Tummala answered questions on why and how the smoke from wildfires burning in Canada were affecting the U.S. and ways to protect yourself in the event of poor air quality days.