Celebrating 200 Years: Science, Policy, and Advocacy: GWSPH and the Future of Public Health

September 9, 2021

Science, Policy and Advocacy: GWSPH and the future of public health

Date: Thursday, September 9, 2021 Time: 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM


Online via Zoom

Event Description

Where have we been, what are we doing now, and what does the future hold? Join Dean Lynn Goldman and members of the GWSPH faculty as we answer those questions and more during four dynamic public health conversations around: Chronic Disease & Obesity; Global Health & Climate; Race, Gender & Policy; and HIV/AIDS. During thought-provoking live 1:1 conversations and engaging, pre-taped discussions with faculty experts, we will celebrate how GWSPH leads in public health science, policy and advocacy. Featured faculty will include Sara Rosenbaum, Bill Dietz, and Alan Greenberg, along with conversations between: Jennifer Sacheck, Allison Sylvetsky and Ella Temprosa; Emily Smith and Susan Anenberg; Olga Price, Wendy Ellis, and Amita Vyas; and Amanda Castel, Deanna Kerrigan, and David Huebner.

The George Washington University’s bicentennial is an incredible, historic milestone. With 27,000+ students from more than 135 countries, a worldwide community of 300,000+ living alumni, and thousands of faculty and staff, the GW community is coming together to celebrate 200 years of phenomenal growth.