The Arctic


The Issue

Protecting the Arctic is a critical part of maintaining the delicate balance of Earth’s climate system. The extremely cold temperatures and snow and ice cover in this region affect the movement of air and water around the globe which maintains the seasonal patterns that sustain life on this planet. Changes to these fragile systems can have a drastic impact on weather all around the world. Continual monitoring and research of this region is needed to track the changes taking place, protect local communities, and anticipate and mitigate the impact of Arctic warming on the rest of the planet.

Our Experts

Hana Akselrod
Assistant Professor of Medicine
GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences

Susan Anenberg
Director, Climate & Health Institute
Professor and Chair of Environmental and Occupational Health 
GW Milken Institute School of Public Health

Ryan Engstrom
Director of Data Science
Professor, Geospatial Science and Applications
GW Columbian College of Arts and Sciences

Robert Orttung
Director of Research, Sustainability Research Institute
Research Professor of International Affairs
GW Elliott School of International Affairs